Darkness Thoughts: When Those Close Fall Away


“I watched until a dizziness overcame me, and I could imagine spilling off the ground, and falling up into the night.” – “Pop Art” Joe Hill

*This post is a random thought that came to me as I reflected on the sadness of fallen friends*


I sat on the sun and watched the moon die. She bled crimson and fell away into night. The stars bore witness. Sister earth shed tears that fell into silent seas. The wake was long, and endless shores mourned tides forever lost. I cried.

We told her not to dance with foreign lovers. They flashed their turbans bright, sabers twirling, and she pirouetted in reply. She gave silent curtsies, and turned her back on us, though we never stopped calling.

We are calling still. We will call until our hoarse voices are silenced in dirt.

“Come back sister. You are missed, pale eyed sister.”

What is left is dust of man and muck of earth, a darkness that steals the light of dawn.

What is left is murk and shadows.

What is left is You and me. But I miss her still.


For all my friends, through all my years, who have fallen in the dark.

I am still calling.


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