“Post 14”

The Experiment continues…

I spent the day doing many things – most of them relaxing – as I’ve found Saturdays are good days for such. Coffee was made promptly upon waking, followed by yogurt mixed with granola, a vigorous run, various household tasks, and a generous reading of Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (a great book, but not to be discussed on this journey). After returning from my run, I was struck by an impulsive desire to return to the place where I had run, camera in hand, and take as many pictures as my memory card could handle. And so I did.




This is the beginning of the trail. It is also the beginning of a story I would like to give my readers (albeit, a somewhat risky gift). While I was taking pictures today, I struck upon an idea for a ghost story. Its title is “Post 14” (You will understand where it came from as you view the other pictures). Well, the risky part of this endeavor is that I haven’t written it yet! I have a general understanding of the story, a few pictures to help it along, and a whopper of a picture to help its ending. Plus a title (I really like the title). So in honor of my 14th post, I will post “Post 14.” For good or for bad! 

In anticipation of this (realizing that I add new posts about once every 3-5 days), here are a couple more pictures to whet your appetite. Consider them a teaser of the story to come.






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