The Sun Returns…in Phoenix

Highlights of my training trip

-Bedlam Bells Morris Dance Troupe

Wandering around Scottsdale Civic Center at night, I stumbled into this awesome group. Cameras are wonderful tools for meeting people, and I wormed my way into their conversation, even getting the opportunity to watch them practice for a few hours. Exchanged emails, sent pictures, and captured these great shots.



Got sick

Then I got sick. Real sick. No pictures here, just lots of sleeping. Some drugs.

“It’s good to treat the saints.”

Sunday went to church with a coworker. The rituals of the service were strange to me. I have not heard so many “Amens!” and “Praise the Lords!” since my first visit to an African-American Pentecostal service. Except the unusual part of this service was the high concentration of Caucasians and Asians. Hardly a dark colored skin in the crowd.

Went to lunch afterwards with a great couple.


They were wonderful, even spotting our lunch by taking the check! When I told Nathan I wanted to pay my share, his response was, “It’s good to treat the saints.” They wouldn’t hear of it.

The only lunch strangeness was our highly awkward waiter (he looked as nervous as me giving my grandmother’s eulogy), and more of those strange “Amens!” – only this time they were shouted after every sentence of a food blessing. In the middle of the busy restaurant! (our waiter was awkward before this, I assure you)

Rock climbing followed lunch.


(Do I look like a guy who was recently deathly ill and too quickly afterward decided to climb a small mountain in desert heat?)

I hope the picture doesn’t look as bad as the reality…

And now it’s soon back to Seattle, and a much needed return to the Experiment!

Post 14 looms ahead like the trumpet call of my impending doom…

Lord, have mercy! Christ, have mercy!


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  1. I was born in Phoenix. Nice town.

  2. Looking good for a sick person

  3. It’s been too many months since I climbed around the slopes in Phoenix. :o) Good times, good times!

  4. well done, brother

  5. Great text.., dude

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