Till Death do Us Part


What if your spouse sold your womb to Satan?

This is the premise of Rosemary’s Baby (1968 – Director Roman Polanski). A husband sells his wife’s womb in exchange for his acting career. I will try not to ruin this movie any more than I already have (no promises), but it does bring up a good topic for The Experiment.

Marriage is horrifying.

I should clarify. It is not marriage itself that is horrifying, but the doors it opens. I don’t think anyone will ever experience the breach of trust experienced by Mia Farrow’s character Rosemary: her husband, her neighbors, her husband’s friends, even her doctor, were all conspiring against her. Safe friends were kept distant by these new acquaintances – some more forcibly than others. She was isolated and taken advantage of, all through the bliss of marriage and the joy of baby making.

But marriage horror is really self-induced. Rosemary knew her husband was vain, selfish, conceited, and fame hungry; she just didn’t know how badly.

I dated a girl once who didn’t like to read. Really. I asked her if she didn’t like to read much, or maybe she only liked to read certain genres, but no, she wouldn’t even open her Bible. Doesn’t it make you shiver? How utterly barren the landscape of her mind must have been…the real horror is that I dated this girl for months, allowing superficial beauty to overwhelm obvious reason.

I leased my passion to lust.

And I am not alone. Men trade dreams for lust every day, the world over. Women trade love for wealth, character for abs; and the truly terrifying part is when “till death do us part” is made a part of that transaction. Later, kids are involved and the innocent inherit the seeds of compromise.

I suppose marriage is horrifying when divorce becomes hope rather than separation. Or a morning arrives, and a stranger lies next to you.

A lifetime of misery, outcome of my poor choice, I can think of nothing more horrifying.




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  1. Yikes! You’re right, Scott. A marriage gone wrong is one of the worst things that could happen to somebody. However, I’m told that one gone right is one of the best things that can happen to somebody. Choose carefully, prayerfully!!!

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