Boundaries – When Lines Become Walls


It was inevitable that I would stumble onto this most obvious topic for The Experiment: the important matter of boundaries.

Boundaries are essential.

We all have boundaries. Some people say taste, preference, conscience, convictions, but we all have things we will and will not see, will and will not read, will and will not do.

This is especially true in matters of entertainment, which is really just another way of saying what we voluntarily spend our time and money on – movies, books, video games, theatre (the old school kind with “real” people); things we do because we enjoy them.

Here’s a fun little experiment. Below is a list of movies currently showing in theaters (at least those showing in my zip code). Which movies would you watch? Why? Do ratings matter?What about genre? 


 10,000 B.C. – Rated PG-13 – Action/Adventure/Drama 


Dr. Seuss’ Horton Hears A Who – Rated G – Action/Adventure/Animation/Family


In Bruges – Rated R – Comedy/Drama 


Persepolis – Rated PG-13 – Animation 


There Will Be Blood – Rated R – Drama 


Be Kind Rewind – Rated PG-13 – Comedy 


Drillbit Taylor – Rated PG-13 – Comedy 


Juno – Rated PG-13 – Comedy/Drama 


Shutter – Rated PG-13 – Horror/Suspense/Thriller 


The Bank Job – Rated R – Suspense/Thriller

Post a comment with your thoughts! I would like to read what you would watch, have watched, or plan on watching, and why.


By the way, I would argue that 3 of these 10 movies either are horror, or contain horror elements.

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