Welcomed with a Kiss

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I just got back to Seattle from Phoenix. My lovely new city welcomed me back with a nice wet kiss: rain, rain, rain. Ahhh, it’s good to be home.

Training was good. I should still have a job on Monday, which is nice; I think I passed all my certification requirements…We’ll see if I can boast to my manager of getting a 98% (which would make us tied).

The trip itself was good, minus an explosive amount of drama that developed among co-workers. “Certain someones” (this phrase came up a lot) did this and that and…but wait! You know what? Ha! I ain’t no snitch! Man, plea-eze!

In other news, I did do some writing (*cough* blog postings, anyone? *cough*), and I even worked on Post 14! There is hope it will see the light of day; I am happy.

I also have a couple books to recommend:

On the Road by Jack Kerouac – based on real life experiences of road travel among “mad” people. Written by the man who coined the phrase “beat” (e.g. “beat poet” “beat generation”), it is a mostly entertaining memoir of his life, his friends, and his many journeys across America. Boring in parts, but the ending is powerful.

Soldier of Sidon by Gene Wolfe – fictional story based on the author’s translation of an ancient Egyptian scroll that was given to him by his friend from the British Museum. I am only 79 pages into it, and already hooked. Definitely give it a go.

I also wanted to reiterate that it’s ok to comment about books you recommend, blogs you read, movies you’ve watched, conversations you’ve had, whatever (I’ll even overlook it if they’re not horror related, but don’t tell my editor…wait, I don’t have an editor, so I guess that makes it especially ok!)

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendations, Scott. It’s good to have you back here in Seattle; I missed you! :o)

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