A Melody from the Single Lane


*This is the first piece I got published. It was thanks to a great guy named Andrew Meyers who was the editor of a magazine called Vox Pop, which has since gone out of print – sad news for us. It was a challenge he put out to his writing team to write what the Brits call “micro-blogs” – blogs of less than 50 words (Andrew was generous and gave us 100). This was before Twitter, which I understand to be the micro-blog on steroids…anyways, here is the piece.*


She was singing.

Her voice broke with the effort, and she couldn’t finish the line but still, here of all places, singing?

We sat side-by-side, early but waiting. First to arrive, there were now dozens standing around us – faces pulled tight, worry burrowing deep creases as they raised arms to check watches.

Her son fidgeted in his stroller. Lines of deep red coursed the milky white sea of her eyes. But music had escaped those lips:

“I sought the Lord, He answered me…”

And then the very late 177 bus arrived and we parted.

But the melody remained.

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  1. Hej! Hur är det med dig?

    Nice place you have here Scott! Glad to see you are doing well! It was really interesting reading your posts here!

  2. Hey, Scott! This must have been quite an experience, thanks for sharing. (After reading this, now I’ve been there with you.) I’ve really been enjoying reading your work here! Keep it up, bro!

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