Gender Bender

An embarrasing situation at work today.

I was speaking with a customer, asking her to confirm her contact information – info that is input by a co-worker – when I reached a tab called Gender.

“That can’t be right,” I said. “They have you listed as a female, and you don’t sound like a female.”

“I am a girl.”

“Oh,” I said, “Well, that’s not a great way to start the morning, is it?”

I then apologized and told her I felt like an ass (and yes, I actually used the word ass). She was actually cool with it. She said it happens all the time (which somehow made me feel worse, not better).

The newbies around my cubicle were laughing. My other co-workers were laughing. But the good news is, the GIRL herself was also laughing.

There. I’ve embarassed myself for your benefit.

When dealing with people over the phone, and unsure about gender, just skip it and move on.


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  1. Whoops. Ha!

  2. Ouch. Glad you were both able to laugh about it!

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