Post 14 Excerpt

Post 13 Picture taken by me in Seattle

“Do you hear that?” Lyle continued. 

We leaned closer.

“It’s her voice over the bridge. It swallowed her up, but she’s still in there, frightened and alone. You hear?”

I heard one of the girls gasp.

“It’s her warning,” Lyle said.

I listened closer than most. When Lyle first told me his plan, rather impromptu at the party, I was skeptical, but intrigued. We had spent many nights in our dorm room telling ghost stories when we should have been typing papers. I had heard Lyle tell some truly terrifying tales, but he was on top of his game tonight. Even I thought I heard a girl’s voice.

“It’s game time boys and girls,” he said.

“What do you mean?” I asked (My response was planned, of course).

“I dare someone to go to Post 14 and back.”

Lyle and I exchanged glances quickly.

“What’s Post 14?” one of the girls asked.

“The trail’s marked,” Lyle explained. “Every 100 feet there’s a wooden post with a yellow number on it, tells you how far you’ve gone. Here.”

He led us to the edge of the trail.

“There’s Post Number 1,” he said.

He pointed to the wooden marker. It leaned precariously in the marsh, like an accusing finger from hell.

“That’s over a quarter a mile!”

“What are you crazy?” 

“I’m not going in there!” 

It was the loudest our group had been since we left the cars. 

“Do we get a flashlight?” one of the guys asked.

“Sure,” Lyle answered.

“You gonna do it then?” Terry asked (Terry went with us later. He drove the Ranger). 

Before he could answer, another boy interrupted.

“I’ll do it,” he said.

We were all surprised, me most of all. 

I hadn’t expected anyone to take Lyle’s dare seriously. 

This is an excerpt of a story that is “finished” but still awaiting editing. It has been far too long since I promised it to readers of The Horror Experiment, and so I decided to give you a taste of a small edited portion. 

If you like what you’ve read, feel free to comment on the site, or send me an email: rivene@hotmail dot com




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