It hurts us, Precious!

Pre-Race Vancouver

Left to Right: Sally, Lauren, & Me

I decided to spare all of you the horror that is post-race pics. Instead, I give you this nice, smiley version of us pretending like we are not about to run 13 miles at 7:00 in the morning. 

For those of you just tuning in, I ran the Bank of Montreal Vancouver Half Marathon today. We ran with thousands of others in an event that included:

-26 musical stations (my favorite was the inspirational acoustic tune, “Run, runners, Run. You can do it, runners, go!”)

-Fantastic views of the Coast Mountains through Stanley Park, which was where most of the race took place

-Multiple nutrition stations ran by uber-supportive volunteers offering everything from Gatorade to a strange energy gel that came in flavors like Strawberry Banana and Vanilla (there was a controversy whether the texture was more like honey, or more like some strange substance previously unknown to man)

And speaking of volunteers..

If you volunteered for this event in any capacity, 


You were amazing! I never would have ran so fast without the random encouragement I got from strangers, “You’re doing great, Dwayne!” “Keep pushing, Dwayne!” “Almost there, Dwayne!” 

(for those who have read my bio, I forgot to register as Scott)

And what was my time, you ask? Before I divulge, I have to give thanks to the girl in the sports bra that ran miles 8-11 with me. You are one tough chic! That hill through Stanley Park was tough, and having you on my tail really helped me push through. Thanks for the competition!

My thanks out of the way, I am happy to announce that I ran the half in

                            1 HR 35 MIN 8 SEC

Thanks Vancouver for such a fun weekend! And thanks to all my friends (both those I rode with and those we stayed with) that made it possible!

(I just realized that I sound like a musician/actor accepting an award – “And I want to thank my producer and Mindy and Greg and my parents and my cat Snuffles and…”)

Oh, and by the way,


Giant Blister


That is my foot, and that is a giant blister on the side of it. Sorry to gross you out, but I was so impressed by its size, I thought it worth sharing..

How about you? Do you have any running stories? Any sports injuries?




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  1. That’s great time Scott! Way to go!!

  2. hmm… running stories… sports injuries…One time I pulled a hammie on the way to the fridge, I was going for the last Dilly Bar on a commercial break during game 7 of the 2001 World Series. That was pretty painful.
    13 miles though…I am pretty immpressed!

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