Werewolves: Howling in the Shadows

In the midst of editing Post 14, I stumbled upon an interesting idea for a werewolf story.


“Would you like to howl at the moon with me, baby?” she asked.

“Why would I want to howl at the moon?” he replied. 

“To remind her we’re still here.” 

He stood and watched as his fiancé crouched on all fours, tilted her head back, and howled. It was the kind of sound that lifted the hair on his nape, and he was certain that if the moon was listening, she would hear it. 

Lilian howled until the morning star appeared on the horizon, and then they left the cemetery and came back to his parent’s house. She curled up on his bed, still not human, while he went downstairs and sat on the couch and thought. 

He thought about their relationship; they had been engaged for three months.

He had known she was a werewolf for one.

He wished he could say it came as a surprise. 


This is just the rough beginning of the story, but I’m interested in your opinion. Does the idea of a man engaged to a werewolf – one with a dark family history that he discovers through dangerous circumstances – sound like a good story idea? 

I am toying around with the idea of dirty little secrets; the unveiling of inner lives in marriage; and the devastation and redemption found in the closest place possible, our family.

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  1. I love it! Very dark…

  2. Careful. I like how you write, but be careful with werewolves, vampires, and the like. They’ve been done. They’ve been done a lot. Serious, comedy, comics. I’ve written my own stuff on the subject, only to walk into a bookstore a month later, pick up a book to read the back cover, and go…damn…

    If you keep the focus on the family, and the ideas you presented above, with the werewolfism taking more of a backseat, you could have something interesting, I think.

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