Iron Man, Flight, and a killer deck of Card’s

Bumbling around YouTube today I ran into this interesting video about the feasibility of Iron Man-like flight. I’m really crossing my fingers for this company..

Which would you rather have?

1) An Iron Man-like rocket pack

2) A space shuttle



And have you read any of the Orson Scott Card Ultimate Iron Man comics? They are amazing!

Just because I love you, here’s a link to an interview with Mr. Card himself. Don’t say I never did nothing for you..

(My favorite part of the interview is when Mr. Card admits that he did not like comics, and that he did not like Iron Man before writing it. I also was not a fan of the Iron Man universe before reading Mr. Card’s wonderful remake. The combination of Robert Downey Jr.’s acting, and Orson Scott Card’s remake, has got me very excited about the movie, so if you’ve seen it, don’t ruin it!)


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  1. Thanks for writing this.

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