Fascinating Finds & Other Time Wasters

I decided to start something new with the site. It’s for those interesting websites that I run across during random Internet researching. Some people call this surfing; what a frivolous term! This is important, life-bettering, information!

Today was especially enjoyable. I stumbled across an interview of one of my favorite actresses.

Audrey Tatou

You can check out the full interview here. I appreciate Miss Tatou’s treatment of interviewers. And did you know that the original Amelie was supposed to be Emily Watson? I tried to imagine that, but no way. After reading the interview, I got the impression that I would have a great time talking literature with her over a cup of coffee. Of course, that will never happen…I guess she’s right, it doesn’t take much…


Puzzle Apartment

The NY Times had an interesting story about a family’s extravagantly funded fun, and the brilliant architect that made it possible. You can read the story here.  

My first reaction was, what a waste! THINK OF ALL THE STARVING KIDS!! But after I toned down a bit, I realized that I was mostly jealous that I wasn’t the one who got to solve the puzzle. The amazing part of this story was the line,

“Finally, one day last fall, more than a year after they moved in…”

With the ADD machine that is modern America, I thought patience was as gone as dinosaurs. Kudos to the architect for not spoiling the fun. I guess I could replicate something like this for myself; I just have to buy Riven for my computer and pretend like my apartment really does rock out.


Anyways, enough research for me today. If you’ve found anything fascinating in your own Internet ramblings, post it as a link in the comments and I’ll make sure to check it out.


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