2,777: Perfection or Destruction?


(A Watercooler Wednesday post)

         2,777 miles

              Is this the number of perfection or destruction? 

Today my boss approved my vacation time for nine days in September. The plan was a birthday road trip following the footsteps of four of my characters – Serenity, Dissidus, Wharf, and Crazy Willie – characters in a kickass novel idea I got when I first moved to Seattle.

180 pages into the book I realized I had no idea where to take the middle third of the story. My well-intentioned idea was to follow the exact steps of my characters – a road trip taking me from Seattle to Butte, Montana, then to the White Mountains of central California, the Sequoia National Forest, and then a dejectedly long trip back up the coast through Portland en route to Seattle. 

It sounded great in my head, just one problem…my characters are driving an enchanted Volvo that neither breaks nor needs gas. My Volkswagen is special, but not that enchanted. 

Recent reality checks have forced me to second guess the wisdom of this trip. Things like gasoline, probably averaging $5-$5.50 per gallon in September;  Things like 2,777 miles placed on my car, enough for an oil change at least, if not a slew of small (or huge) mechanical problems. All of this for character development and plot. Hmm…

It is perplexing.

A large part of me screams, “You fool! You are not a real writer, stop pretending like you are! Get back to work, and take a vacation like everybody else: Buy yourself some new sandals, buy a cheap plane ticket, and go someplace warm.

Another small part of me screams, “You fool! You are a real writer, stop pretending like you aren’t and get back to work on your book! Who cares where everyone else takes their vacation? Who cares how much it’s going to cost you? This is your passion, man!

Like I said in the beginning, 2,777 is either the number of perfect miles necessary to finish a book that I feel has the potential to be the best thing I’ve ever written, or, it could be the number of miles necessary to complete my financial destruction.

If you remember it..

Pray for me!!


By the by, here’s the route I’m considering,

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  1. Scott,

    Perfection!! You ARE a writer. I love reading your blog. You do indeed kickass!! The trip looks awesome. Montana is my favorite place in the world.

    Thanks for joining us ’round the watercooler!


  2. Yes, you are a writer. Do not let the enemy take that away from you. I have spent too many years telling myself that I’m not a “real” writer. Finally answered the call this past year and everything has changed. I have been published and finally at 38, am content in my life. There isn’t a better vacation that you could take.

  3. A couple geeky, mundane thoughts:
    Could such a trip be a tax deduction? Both gas and wear and tear on your car?
    #1) I notice that the trip is a loop. I assume that both in the novel and in reality it starts and ends in Seattle. If you decide not to bit the bullet and do the whole trip, it seems like it would be feasible to atleast do the portions that are close to home– the first leg and the last leg.
    Would the whole trip need to be completed before the novel is written? Could you write the portions of the trip you can afford to take and hope for the novel to sell before you take the further away portion. (Either using an advance to fund the rest of the trip or atleast knowing the added financial security is on the horizon.) I know that some people can write out of sequence. I personally can’t, so that wouldn’t work for me…
    #2) Is there a way to leverage technology? Not only mapquest, and google and city web sites, but using your blog (and watercooler Wednesdays and stuff) asking for personal anecdotes, descriptions, etc, around the route you’re taking. Even if you don’t find people currently living there you’re bound to find somebody who’s traveled chunks of the route, maybe they even have pictures.

    I’m the last guy to say don’t go… I’m just saying it doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing deal.

  4. Tax deduction, eh? ….


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  6. […] can get me a ride home, and then pray that the repairs are cheap enough to allow me to go on the 3,000 mile road trip I had planned to start this Sunday with my friend […]

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