Audio Book Suggestions?

Sunny window Seat

A poor quality cellphone pic of the view that ruined my creative output.

I was working on a somewhat new story today, having rounded out at 15,485 words when I decided the sun was just too nice to stay indoors.

If you enjoy the discipline of writing, I don’t recommend window seats on beautiful days, unless you mean to play instead of work. Though I suppose I should enjoy the few sunny days Seattle will get..

There’s not much to say with the story at this point, apart from the fact that it involves a missing princess and a silver comb that she gives to my main character with the instructions, “brush your hair and she’ll be there.”

I’ve thrown in a coldhearted sister, a white-suited demon, a negligent father king, and even a Medieval musician. I believe I’m on my way to a faery tale of some sort.

I suspect the final story to round out between 45,000-60,000 words.

The hope is to get this story out of my creative system before the road trip this fall, allowing me to focus my creative energies there. And in case you were wondering, my prayers for that trip have been answered – my buddy Sammy wants to join me, and though I keep giving him chances to back out, he keeps showing interest, which is a huge blessing to me. All writers should have such good friends. 

The question now is what audio book we will listen to on our trip.

Any suggestions? 


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  1. Hmmm…best audio book experience for me was “The Night of the Living Dead” I listened to it while being lost somewhere in Missouri.It was really late at night and dark.
    Make sure you bring good tunes too!

  2. Oh, man! Great recommendation!

    I’ll have to see if I can get Sammy to do some undead zombie action..

    And good call with the tunes. That reminds me, I have to ask someone if they have an I-Pod converter I can borrow..

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