Rhubarb, Rubbish, and other Relics from my Week


Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie


To start, it was my first 4th without fireworks. Believe me, I know, this was a great tragedy.

Instead, I helped friends move into their first house. After our second load, we took a bbq-break, followed by glorious strawberry-rhubarb pie with vanilla ice cream. Later that night, completely exhausted from a full day of moving, a friend and I wandered back to my apartment and listened to some music, Spring and Summer, by John Foreman of Switchfoot.

Of course, I mustn’t overlook the controversy that developed during the move; there was a great deal of playful banter between me and my new acquaintance, Patrick.

Patrick goes to my church, but does not share my view of marriage. This bantering led to some tense moments, and some fresh insights. Patrick (the Banterer) challenged my selfish motives for remaining single, which mostly center on my desire to have time to write. Also, his criteria for a spouse differ widely from my own. He has 2 standards:

                     1) Christian

                     2) Someone who can put up with you

I asked, “Is that it?” I want to believe my higher standards are there for godly reasons, but I suppose they can sometimes be selfish. 

He also challenged my stance that God has given me a season of singleness as a gift, out of which I can write with more focus.

“Authors can have spouses,” he argued. 

I agreed, pointing out that C.S. Lewis experienced the blessing of marriage after 50 years as a bachelor. My friend James piped in and asked how long Lewis was a Christian before marrying. 

“About 25 years,” I answered, “and I have only been a Christian for 11. I’ve got 15 more years of undistracted writing!” 






Also, as I was writing this post in a cafe with my roommate, an early childhood memory came up.

It was triggered when he asked me to switch out his laptop power cords, one of them being slighter higher voltage than the other. I told him about a time in Norway when I wanted to find out what would happen if I placed my American-made alarm clock into the double-voltage Norwegian outlet.

My roommate countered that things labeled, “Warning: Flammable” were rarely so spectacular. But there was a time from my childhood that was. 

I have always been a bit of a doubting Thomas, and though I was warned, I wanted to see what would happen if I placed a fork into an electric outlet..

       sparks, smoke, 

       a triggered fire alarm, 

       my mother’s yells in the background

       my chicken legs carrying me out of spanking range

Of course, now that I’m an adult, I wonder what would happen with 2 forks..

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  1. Mmmm…strawberry-rhubarb pie is one of my favorite pies if not THE favortite.

    I completely respect your motives for remaining single. I told my best friend, when I was deciding whether or not to “go for it” and go back to school, that I really had to make a decision on what was the bigger priority for me: attempt to settle down or pursue the career I have wanted to pursue (but didn’t think I could pursue) since I was a teenager. I decided that I needed to put all of my focus into the latter and make the decision that, if I wanted to do that, I would have to put relationships on the backburner. She disagrees saying that I can have both. Which may be true, I don’t know. I think what I am trying to do is hard enough without distractions. :o)

    Anyway, great post. Oh and… you stuck a fork in an electrical outlet? Hmmmm…

  2. First, yes, I was not always the brilliant intellectual you see before you – I did stick a fork in an outlet when I was about 8-9-10 (?). Of course, I won’t tell you what I did just last week..

    It is exciting to hear that you are pursuing your dream. I think it’s ok to put relationships “on the backburner” so to speak, because when you are really focused on what God has, you will “find” someone else going in the same direction.

    THE favorite, huh? I wouldn’t go that far…homemade Dutch Apple pie or Cheesecake with fresh fruit are my favorites.

  3. Living up to my new nickname, I would say that I was merely quoting our pastor, Mark Driscoll, on those two requirements. Although I agree with him, I believe I added that it would be good to have chemistry and to be on the same mission in life. Jonathan Edwards spent 13 hours a day studying and writing, yet still found an hour of horse back riding with his wife each day, as well as an hour spent with his children.

  4. Well said, Patrick.

    I quoted the 2 without mentioning the addendum. Also, I gave you a fair deal of crap but really it was very helpful.

    And thanks for sharing about Jonathan Edwards, I had not heard that before, and it is very encouraging.

  5. Ah, that’s great, Scott! Though I was there when you were writing this in the cafe, I didn’t get to really read it it. Good post, thanks!

    And I’ve gotta say that – as another single guy – I have to agree. I think that having additional requirements beyond Patrick’s original two would probably be good. I’m told that the more you have in common with your spouse, the better. Also, I’d imagine some of my motivation for staying single this long may be selfish. It does make things easier in some ways, but then again – the easy road is seldom the best one. :o)

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