“Only 13 more hours,” said the Sloth.

This video is adorable…

for sloths. But let me recount my sleep record this past weekend:

    Friday night: 10 hours

    Saturday night: 13 hours

    Sunday night: 9 hours + a 2 hour nap

That is 33 hours in 3 days.

(gwah..just thinking about the amount of time I wasted makes me nauseous)

Honestly, I don’t know what happened. I worked a lot this week, though nothing more than usual; I did not get enough sleep, also nothing unusual.

But when Sunday morning came around, I began it like that sloth – crawling around my bed with intentions to embrace the day – but puddling around from one spot to another, I just could not gather the energy to get up. When I did finally get up, around 2:00pm, I felt like a cotton farm had been planted inside my head. 

Is there some kind of strange summer sickness I should be aware of?

The summer-slothilitis, or some such disorder? Symptoms: apathy, lethargy, a general unwillingness to get out of bed and do something useful with one’s life?

I guess I better stop laying off the coffee..

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  1. Dude, I’ve worked more than that many hours in the past 3 days. In fact, I am working right now. Better get back to it…

    And, from what I know, there is no such disease but there are new discoveries in medicine every day 🙂

    (For the record, if I could sleep that much right now I TOTALLY would. It sounds blissful.)

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