Wind-Me-Up Man

Wind-Me-Up Man



Would somebody mind winding me back up? Because I am beat!

I’ll try to post something worthwhile over the next couple days; I realize it’s been awhile since I had a good one. Looks like I’ll have to clear some cobwebs off the server..

One small update: I am learning the sidearm frisbee toss. Highly useful during games of Ultimate Frisbee. I can get it to fly straight, sometimes, but it’s still awfully wobbly. I’m told it can take newbies 2-3 months to perfect the wrist-flick (at the current rate it’s looking more like 9-99 months

Another small update: Brian King’s Adopt-A-Lock campaign is finished; he will soon be wearing my Cotton Candy Pink dread. Victory is smelling very sweet..

*Yawn* It is definitely time for sleep.. Goodnight and sleep tight!

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  1. I believe that you mentioned being tired in another post, that you felt you were getting more sleep than usual. Why do you think that might be?

    Hope you feel better.

  2. Shoot. I forgot I was logged in under this name. Well, I guess this is the only account I have on WordPress…

    P.S. I’m impressed by people who can throw a frisbee. My friend’s husband plays Ultimate Frisbee but he gets annoyed with people that can’t play (she and I) so we can’t go with. And anyway, I tend to hit people and trees with frisbees. And sometimes myself.

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