An Ordinary Life


Strange Road

Strange Path


“Didn’t he have a right to what he had just been thinking of a few minutes ago – an ordinary life?

There is no such thing, my man.” – Stephen King Dead Zone


Purpose scratching at my soul like lice on an infected wound..

Road trip on the horizon, writing plans on the backburner, Jesus on the backburner..

 …got to pull it together…got to figure it out…got to make it happen…

“Don’t run away from him, Johnny. Don’t hide away in a cave.” 

You ever get The Purpose itching in your soul? Making you question what the hell you are doing with your life? Making you question if you are holing yourself up in a cave somewhere hiding from something? 

Man. Don’t go reading books if you don’t want to be changed. And don’t go outside your apartment unless you want to remember life is bigger than you. For that matter, you might as well just stop breathing if you think you can sit on your ass when God has something bigger in mind for you.

     Run from it, he can send a fish..

     Do the wrong thing, he will do the right thing…

     Be faithless, he will keep being faithful… 

An ordinary life is for the dead. 

And I’m not dead.

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  1. Do I ever get The Purpose itching in my soul, making me question what the hell I’m doing with my life, making me question if I’m holing myself up in a cave somewhere hiding from something…

    Yes. And now I am stressed to the max because I do NOT think I am ready to tackle 10 credits and a full-time job but… oh well, if God wants me to do it then He’ll give me the help, hey?

  2. Hey, that’s right.

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