The Labor Day Move

I hear you, Homer..

Labor Day weekend is finally at an end. I guess I kind of missed the point of Labor-free Labor day: working on Saturday, moving on Sunday, working on Monday..

It’s about 12:00am, which means I should be in bed, but I got a Facebook message from a friend wondering how my move went, so I thought I’d throw some pics up on the ol’ blog (and yes, I really do own a Homer Simpson doll that sits on my bookshelf – during the move, he kept shouting out beligerant remarks anytime someone touched the plastic bag he was in; phrases like, “Your child may be an honor student, but you’re an idiot!“)


This pic was taken right outside our front door. It was my first night in the new place.

After living in the U-District for about a year, it’s wonderful to be in a quiet neighborhood again: no buses cruising by at 1:00 in the morning; no college kids singing terrible renditions of YMCA; and no more fear that the black mold is going to insidiously creep into my bed and choke me to death in my sleep.


How about that bay window?

Since I first saw that window, I’ve had this crazy idea of waking up before sunrise – computer humming, soft music playing, my Muse up and ready with a pre-made cup of coffee (brewed by my own Columbian assistant, like the one from Bruce Almighty) – the sun’s rays cascading through the window as I watch Creation awaken, while I polish off one novel after another…

…except that I start work at 8:00am…
…and I am one of the worst morning people God ever created…
…at least the sunsets are also good.


My friend James (he and his wife Julie are my new roommates/landlords) discovered that I really like board games, so we busted out Othello and I gave him a pretty severe trouncing (it took him a couple games to learn how important the corners are).

As James would put it, “That’s how I roll.


Well, that’s my new crib. I am pleasantly surprised to find quiet, suburban life does exist in Seattle.

And it’s definitely an improvement from my first place…

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  1. Congrats on the new diggs!

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