Blinking Light of Death


My car is sitting at the Campbell-Nelson Volkswagen Dealership’s Service Center

I had to tow it there after work today.

I replaced my coolant overflow tank yesterday (a perfect repair that I did myself), and today I went to a car wash close to my work to clean up the coolant that had leaked out.

Well, it turns out that my Passat doesn’t like baths, and started to run choppy about a mile down the road, then it gave me the blinking check engine light of death.

This is a Do not pass go, do not collect $100 kind of light. I was told if I see the blinking light of death to immediately pull off the road and have my car towed somewhere, which I did. My suspicion is that I got something electrical wet (eek!). 

Now I get to take a bus to work tomorrow, hope that one of my co-workers can get me a ride home, and then pray that the repairs are cheap enough to allow me to go on the 3,000 mile road trip I had planned to start this Sunday with my friend Sammy.

Fingers crossed, anyone?


An interesting side note to this story?

I found dirty cat-paw prints on my trunk lid this morning, which leads me to believe that my car is either friendly to cats, is a cat, or thinks it is a cat. One that really doesn’t like water. 

(Who’d have thought that my love of cats would cause my car turn into one?)

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  1. I’ve had both the solid engine light and, sometimes, the blinking light of death on for over a year now. Maybe even two years.

    Is that bad?

    The solid light, I was told ages ago, was just a sensor malfunction. I thought the blinking light was more of the same. Since the blinking light always stops (and nothing has happened) I, uh, haven’t done anything about it…

    Heh. Hmmmmmm…

  2. If you’ve gone two years with no problems, your car must not think it’s a cat, but must have more of the “faithful steed” mentality.

  3. Oh I didn’t say that I had no problems… I’ve put [undisclosed amount–let’s just say I wish I had my arm, leg, and that pint of blood back] into the car. Just…it’s had nothing to do with that light.

  4. Good news!

    The car was fixed with an astronomically priced tune-up. Apparently, Volkswagens are supposed to break less, but cost more for each break, which I suppose makes it a wash in the end.

    This complication has caused Sammy and I to decide to rent a car using the Enterprise discount I get through my work ($302 for 12 days, AFTER taxes, not too shabby!)

    The road trip is on!

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