Road Adventure 2008: Research Success!

(Sequoia National Forest – me on the car, Sammy on the tree)

The road trip is over. And what an enormous success!

   11 days

   11 hours (the number of hours on Joe Hill’s Heart-Shaped Box audio book) 

   3,350 miles

   1,627 pictures

   209 novel-related audio clips

   1 hellava good time with my friend Sammy 

I haven’t had time to process everything yet, but I did want to share one SMALL part of the trip via audio (I apologize in advance for the window-hopping, I wasn’t able to get the audio files directly into the blog; just click the LISTEN icon down the middle third of the page):


And here’s the novel-related insight that ensued



What’s next? 

Well, I bought a whole bunch of books, research related stuff, and I am giving myself a self-induced deadline of 6 months to finish off the first draft of Blood Children, the working title of the book. 

Also, I believe Sammy and I are planning on sorting through the pictures this Sunday – I’m hoping to put the best ones on Facebook. I’ll try to give a heads-up once the pics are ready. 


Tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind, or as Craddock James McDermott puts it, 

the dead pull the living down”

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  1. Sounds familiar. I lost my flash drive a few weeks ago (Yeah. Has papers I need to turn in on it.) So I also prayed and, lo and behold, I found it in some crazy place I can’t imagine putting it. Probably the cats doing. 😉

    Cool pic.

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