Me as an undead monk. Harleween 2008. Shawn of the Dead and Rock Band on XBox 360.

Talk about one hell-ish of a Friday night…

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  1. A little off the subject, but are those your Walking Dead covers in the background. If so, AWESOME. If not, get some. Best comic/graphic novel ever!

  2. Unfortunately, they are my friend, James’…in fact, I have only read the briefest bit of one of the issues, and I have to disagree:

    Sandman by Neil Gaiman is the greatest graphic novel series of all times


    The Watchmen by Alan Moore is the greatest graphic novel of all time.

  3. Okay, “best ever” is up for debate, but Robert Kirkman is a very good writer in many comic series, and you have to admit that the Walking Dead series is still great. It captures perfectly the most fascinating aspect of any zombie movie/book/comic, and that is the changes that take place in moral society and the human psyche when the world is plunged into the dark ages. I’ve always had a thing for the post-apocolyptic.

  4. Per your high recommendation, I went to the local comic book place today with a friend and read about 20 pages of the 1st Walking Dead trade book.

    I liked it, and I will definitely have to read more.

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