Death Tweets


“Someday soon, a celebrity will Twitter straight to the grave.” 

Farrah’s Stunning ‘Story’ EW

Mark Harris was on to something as he gave his opinion of Farrah Fawcett’s “Farrah’s Story,” which aired on NBC. A former sex-symbol, actress Farrah’s story is one of disappointment, despair, and the disillusionment of remission as recurrence settles in. It is the story of a glamorous life reduced to cancer and chemo, a sad reminder of the fall; death and dying aired for 9 million viewers’ pleasure. 

Mr. Harris’ article raises poignant questions about the blurring of lines between the public and the private life, between decency and humiliation, between full disclosure and sealed lips.

Would you blog your doctor’s diagnosis? 

Would you Facebook update your chemo treatment?

Would you vlog your funeral?

Would you  tweet your death?


Where is the line?

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  1. Wow, you couldn’t have a much better picture than that!

    Yeah, Twitter, blogs, and Facebook certainly do strange things to the line between public and private.

    Happily, I’m not famous, so I don’t have to worry much about that whole thing though… :o) Even so, I’m keeping my Twitter timeline private!

  2. Yeah. I think society has gotten strangely voyeuristic. I *have* Tweeted/posted medical stuff before (to some extent) but, as you notice, my timeline is private. So is my Facebook profile and, taking that further, I have a delineation between the people I work with on there and the rest of the people I know…i.e., work people can’t see everything. ;o)

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