Your Daily Jingle

Yes, I know this person. And yes, I am honored to call this jingle-making wingnut my friend.

Some of you might remember one of Brian’s earlier ideas to make the world a better place.

Rivene’s Journey partnered with him to donate his amazing dreads to support Invisible Children.

And thanks to generous readers like you, Brian was able to raise over $5,000 for Invisible Children, by coloring and then cutting off his dreadlocks! (my donation was responsible for one of the Manic Panic pink cotton candy colored dreads).

Well, he’s at it again!

This time he’s using his talent to give us

Here’s how it works:

You bid on a jingle that you would like to see him create. The fastest bidder wins. The price has already been taken care of, as the cost for each day’s jingle goes up $1 per calendar day; e.g. today being January 8th, the cost would be $8. Want a jingle for Valentine’s Day? $45. You get the idea.

Brian then performs the jingle via YouTube video. As if this were not enough to brighten your day (believe me, I give you Rivene’s guarantee that your face will contort by the end of each video, either in a contented smile or a head shaking grimace, I mean, these are jingles after all!)

but wait..there’s more!

20% of the proceeds will be sent to charities and organizations like International Justice Mission, Invisible Children, and Project Cuddle, via a complicated algorithm that only an electrical engineer could have ever come up with… actually, it’s pretty simple, and only requires that you know how to click a mouse button.

On one level, it’s very creative. On another, it’s just plain silly. And I think that’s why I like it so much. Maybe it’s just me, but I am tired of the late night commercial & marketing technique that guilts me into social justice by playing woeful violin music while an Oliver Twist orphan bums for pennies on the street corner while his African cousin rummages through refuge in the background. I am 100% for social justice and activism in the world, but over the years, I have learned to appreciate artists like U2, Switchfoot, and Derek Webb who are able to wed creativity & social justice into a beautiful marriage of talent & grace.

That is why I would like Rivene’s Journey readers to help Brian’s jingle project off to a great start.

As an added bonus, the first 3 Rivene’s Journey readers to purchase a jingle will get a poem from Rivene himself!

Here are the guidelines:

  • You must mention Rivene’s Journey in the “jingle subject” line
  • You pick the poem! You can tell me what style (sestina, ballad, blank verse); era (biblical, apocalyptic, victorian) ; subject (death, bowel movements, love)… get as detailed as you like!
  • The poem must be shorter than 4 stanzas or 24 lines, whichever comes first
  • Each poem will be posted on Rivene’s Journey once confirmation of the jingle purchase has been made
  • Poems will be posted no later than 2 weeks post-confirmation
  • You must keep in mind my poetic formula mentioned in an earlier post
  • You can Email Rivene your poem’s requirements

As an added bonus

  • Any jingles purchased after Valentine’s Day (guys, that would be Sunday February 14th) will also receive a YouTube video of me performing your poem in front of a live audience! (“live” meaning any open mic I happen to stumble across)
  • Videos of the poem-reading will be posted on Rivene’s Journey 4 weeks after confirmation of purchase, for obvious production reasons
  • I own the poem (and any videos made) and maintain all rights for it. However, for just an additional 20% of your jingle’s price, I will also honor Brian’s deal where you may buy a full-use license of the work. This full-use license will grant you the right to use the video, audio, and poem any way you would like for one year (1 year from the jingle date you bought). If you’re interested in a license longer than a year or would like to own the work outright, just let me know and we’ll work it out. 

Click here to start. And let’s jingle all the way!

(oh, and if you were wondering what jingle day I purchased, keep an eye out for the back of my handsome mug somewhere around early spring on the jingle calendar)


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