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First, thanks for your time. You are very busy, and I appreciate it. I am sure there are at least 2 questions that brought you here.

The first probably has something to do with the name. You are probably wondering what this strange Rivene business is all about (it is, by the way, pronounced like ravine).

The second may concern the focus of this site. Why do I care so much about writing? And what can you expect by following my Journey?


It all starts with a name.

In the spring of 1981, love is in the air, U2 is on the radio, and my parents are having a baby. Heidi and Dwayne (my parents) decide somewhere around the fall of 1981 to name me after my father. Thus I become a junior – Dwayne Scott Phillips Jr.

The problem is I am called Scott, not Dwayne. Kindergarten comes along, and I discover that my teachers and classmates think I am Dwayne, not Scott, and I am forced to explain myself.

I get scared. I cry, “I’m not Dwayne! And where is my mother!

After this embarrassing first instance, I am subjected to 11 more years as my teachers stare perplexed, wondering why I go by Scott. Meanwhile, I grow exceedingly frustrated.

Then video games change everything.

Sort of…

It is the summer of 1998, and many things have changed. One year ago, March 28, 1997, I commit my life to Jesus Christ. My friend Stephen Rydbeck is responsible, having invited me to church over the course of several months. Along with salvation, another benefit of my friendship with Stephen was the opportunity to play a video game called Riven, sequel to one of my favorite games, Myst. While borrowing it, I begin to wonder what the title means. Out comes my Webster’s Dictionary, and I learn that the word riven means, “to tear asunder, to rip apart.”

I am intrigued. At this time, I am a rather argumentative person. Just 15 and I think I know it all (Lord, forgive the pride of youth!). I spend most of the summer of 1998 online, debating my faith in chat rooms with people twice my age. A username is required, and so I become Rivene.

Chat rooms beware.

(10 years pass…)

Rivene, The Destroyer of Arguments, grows up a little, and even forgets about the name Rivene. Many adventures occur, too many to recount, but the important thing is that an old passion is re-ignited.

Writing is something I’ve always loved.

I remember in 3rd grade winning an award for my first story – a Gothic-adventure story about a vampire turned good guy. I even illustrated it (lots of cherry red crayon, of course). But it’s really only been about 3 years that I’ve pursued writing with any kind of rhythm. I moved to Seattle in 2007 to write, tentatively thinking grad school with an MFA in Creative Writing.

I suppose I must confess I am absolutely passionate about writing. In fact, my love of writing is so great that at times it feels like she is my mistress, and I her fumbling slave. Other times, I feel like she is some kind of harsh, demanding wife:

Would you take out the bad syntax, Scott!?

How many times do I have to tell you to put down the ideas?

Yes, dear!


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